Glass Vase

We are one of the most professional manufacturers of various crystal cheap glass vase in China. You can feel assured to wholesale the high quality and lead free glass vase for sale from our factory.
Glass vases are the most beautiful decorations in the home. The matching of flowers has always been a beautiful landscape of home design. Of course, the matching of flowers is indispensable for the design of vases. The design of the vase can be matched with the flowers to make the room more beautiful and have a natural taste.
The glass vase is a kind of utensil used to hold beautiful plants. The bottom of the vase usually contains water to keep the plants life and beauty.
With smooth and beautiful appearance, it is made by high-temperature production process, with exquisite craftsmanship, superior quality and rich colors. It is a medium-to-high-grade type, and the style design adopts modern minimalist style.
With the constant changes of the times, glass vases have gradually become the trend of interior decoration, and glass vase decorations occupy the market with clean and transparent advantages. However, glass vases are fragile items, so be careful when you are cleaning them later.
Warm Tips:
The living room is a place where friends and family gather. The glass vase in the living room can choose some bright vases, which can bring a special atmosphere to the living room. The plants can choose a larger bouquet.
  • Vintage Amber Glass Vase

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    Vintage Amber Glass Vase

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  • Painted Color Vase

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    Painted Color Vase

    With a flat bottom, curved neck, painted color vase can be easily placed on any shelf or table, showing the aura of the same collection. In addition, it adds any romantic event filled with roses, perfect for even a candle-filled dining table, or any party filled with lights... Read More

  • Decals Solid Hemp Rope Glass Vases

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    Decals Solid Hemp Rope Glass Vases

    Decals Solid Hemp Rope Glass Vases are attractive crystal flower vases with beautiful patterns. They are great for home decoration, floral arrangement and various gift ideas. Read More

  • Machine Made Vintage Amber Antique Green Glass Vase Bowls

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    Machine Made Vintage Amber Antique Green Glass Vase Bowls

    The Vintage Amber Antique Green Glass Vase Bowls are machine made with durable antique styled green crystal glass. They can be used as flower vase, wedding favors, table decor, gifts, etc. Read More