Short Candlestick Holders

These cheap short candlestick holders are perfect for home use and can be decorated for special events such as weddings and dinners. They are very unique and can completely attract your attention, become the focus of the room, but yet exquisite enough to become the perfect decorative focus. The beautiful, clean lines of the candle holders showcase the details and craftsmanship of each goblet candlestick and home decor we make. These short candlestick holders will do the job when you are in a tight state and need some cheap glass candlestick holders, which is perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and homes. Ideally, these short candlesticks should use a shorter taper to reduce the risk of them being knocked down. This classic candlestick holder has beautiful angles and curves, it suits any decorative style, color theme and will fit any standard tapered candle. The wide base makes the holder very stable, so even high tapers can be used.

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