Round Glass Candle Holders

These round glass candle holders come in handy in many cases. These handcrafted round glass candle holders are an easy way to create a wedding reception table center or add accent lighting for your special event table. You can even use them as cute storage solutions for beads, candy and small handmade decorations. Illuminate your home with these simple, transparent round glass candle holders. It is very unique and refined enough to quickly become the focal point of the room. The clean lines show the details and craftsmanship of each candlestick and home decor we make. From special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties, it can add a bit of brightness to your home. These round glass candlesticks are a must for candle fans! With proper care, these candlesticks can have a long service life. Our products are made by experienced craftsmen, so they may be a bit irregular.

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