Glass Candle Holder

We are one of the most professional manufacturers of various crystal cheap glass candle holder in China. You can feel assured to wholesale the high quality and lead free glass candle holder for sale from our factory.
As one of the lighting fixtures, a glass candle holder refers to an unadorned or decorated appliance with spikes or holes to hold a candle. Who says that you only need candles or use your favorite candle holder on special occasions? You can create a warm atmosphere at home anytime, any day. We have a variety of scented and odorless candles and accessories, you just need to adjust the light to create an atmosphere. The glass candlestick provided by is uniquely designed with transparent glass material. Under the candlelight, the light and shadow are soft and mottled, adding romance to the living room.
It uses the clever craftsmanship to subtly give each candle cup different characteristics, and the unique personality makes the whole three-dimensional and layered. The unique strips of texture seem to sway with the candlelight, both classic and innovative. Combined with the simple cup shape, the glass candle holder makes the candlestick simple and unique, with a delicate three-dimensional effect and a good decorative effect. In short, the glass candlesticks we offer are inexpensive, transparent, airtight, compressive and easy to shape.
New Link specializes in the production of glass candlesticks, pressed and blown centrifugal products, various color materials, and deep processing of glass. The company is known for its quality management, advanced mainstream technology and first-class technical strength.
Non-toxic, odorless, transparent, beautiful, good barrier, airtight, rich in raw materials, low in price;
Can be used repeatedly;
It has a certain mechanical strength and can withstand the pressure inside the bottle and the external force during transportation;
Heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and wash-resistant, it can be sterilized at high temperature or stored at low temperature.
  • T-light Candle With Candle Holder

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    T-light Candle With Candle Holder

    We recommend using our T-light candle with candle holder for best decorative effect. Our clear glass candle holders are perfect for restaurants, promotions, parties, receptions, weddings and home decor. With perfect color, this T-light candle holder can be easily added to... Read More

  • Hand Made T-light Holder

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    Hand Made T-light Holder

    This stylish hand made T-light holder adds a touch of French charm to your home. This tea light stand is designed to cast graphic shadows when the candle is lit, evoking the sun. They can produce fascinating effects, and overlapping shadows create complex forms. Read More

  • Crystal Glass T-light Holder

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    Crystal Glass T-light Holder

    The crystal glass T-light holder is individually designed with engraving or printed details. The crystal candlestick is the perfect finishing touch for your mantel or event table. It is shaped like a diamond and features a multi-faceted glass design. The central space of this... Read More

  • Glass Pillar Candle Holders Pedestal

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    Glass Pillar Candle Holders Pedestal

    Add a touch of elegance to your living space with glass pillar candle holders. The candlestick has a flat, slender base with a wraparound rod at the top. The candle at the top of the candle holder is made of high quality glass to protect the glass base. This pair of elegant... Read More

  • Decal Logo Glass Candle Holder

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    Decal Logo Glass Candle Holder

    Our decal logo glass candle holder is made of durable glass with a decal on the surface. It is medium in size and fits well with small round candles. These glass candle holders look quaint and beautiful, but have many uses, not only for your weddings, parties and special... Read More

  • Electroplate Candle Holder

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    Electroplate Candle Holder

    These electroplate candle holders are suitable for any type of decoration, whether traditional or modern, and will be an elegant decoration for any home. Whether it's for lighting candles on special occasions or just for storing collectibles, this electroplate candle holder... Read More

  • Tall Glass Candlestick Holders

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    Tall Glass Candlestick Holders

    The candle at the top of the candle holder is made of high quality glass to protect the glass base. This pair of elegant candlesticks is very heavy. Its unique and gorgeous, antique-style model glass material makes this product look unique and gorgeous. It can be placed in... Read More

  • Hand Stick Glass Candle Holder

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    Hand Stick Glass Candle Holder

    This hand stick glass candle holder is made of stained glass and comes with lead-free candles. It is both decorative and practical, perfect for romantic candlelight dinners, family bars and restaurant decor. Add warmth and elegance to any home or event decoration with our... Read More

  • Round Glass Candle Holders

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    Round Glass Candle Holders

    These round glass candle holders come in handy in many cases. These handcrafted round glass candle holders are an easy way to create a wedding reception table center or add accent lighting for your special event table. You can even use them as cute storage solutions for... Read More

  • Short Candlestick Holders

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    Short Candlestick Holders

    These cheap short candlestick holders are perfect for home use and can be decorated for special events such as weddings and dinners. They are very unique and can completely attract your attention, become the focus of the room, but yet exquisite enough to become the perfect... Read More

  • Metal And Glass Candle Holder

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    Metal And Glass Candle Holder

    These metal and glass candle holders are made of frosted glass or clear glass. They can be used to store candles or T-shaped candles. The entire candle holder is elegant and sturdy, and the non-lighting candle is also a wonderful decoration that adds warm light and elegant... Read More

  • Black Candle Holders Centerpiece

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    Black Candle Holders Centerpiece

    This black candle holders centerpiece is so unique that it attracts your eye and becomes the focal point of the room, yet refined enough to be the perfect decoration focus. The beautiful, clean lines of the candle holders showcase the details and craftsmanship of each goblet... Read More

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