Wine Glass

Beautifully made glass wine glasses from top to bottom are affordable. As a perfect complement to wine, these wine glasses have the same relaxed attitude, adding a touch of elegance to everyday meals and entertainment, which helps the wine's aroma and taste to develop better and enhance your drinking experience.
The red wine glass has a handle at the bottom and is mainly used to hold red wine and cocktails made with it. Use the elegantly designed wine glasses to add a touch of wine. When you drink wine in a romantic or warm environment, you can choose from our generous, unadorned, transparent wine glasses. This wine glass is medium in size and enhances the true aroma of the wine, making it an ideal choice for a rich wine. Use them to spend a quiet night at home or meet up with friends.
We are one of the most professional manufacturers of various crystal cheap wine glass in China. You can feel assured to wholesale the high quality and lead free wine glass for sale from our factory.
Made of high-quality glass: transparent, smooth glass made of high-quality, lead-free material for easy cleaning.
Elegant but tough: these glasses are not too thick and strong enough for everyday washing.
Customized service: We can also offer a lot of wine glasses in color, shape and size.
Replacement Warranty: If you are not completely satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us as we will provide you with a full refund or replacement.
The wine glass is fragile, please be careful when using and cleaning.
During the daily maintenance process, be careful to clean the wine glass without leaving any stains or water marks.
After drinking, the wine glass needs to be cleaned on the same day.
Be sure to hold the cup while washing the glass, not pinching the cup.
  • Goblet Style Wine Glasses

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    Goblet Style Wine Glasses

    These goblet style wine glasses are made of clear glass and the base is coloured with air bubbles to add color to your bar accessories. The long stems provide a comfortable grip for everyone as they sip their favorite wines and the wide base keeps the goblets stable on the... Read More

  • Cut Glass Wine Glasses

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    Cut Glass Wine Glasses

    Cut glass wine glasses for red or white wines, deep floral patterns, perfect for parties, special occasions and gifts. It is like a fine glass building with a variety of sizes and shapes for different types of wine. Designed to achieve the best aroma when releasing aroma,... Read More

  • Shot Glass Promotion

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    Shot Glass Promotion

    This traditional-style shot glass promotion is made from thicker walls, giving it a high-quality feel and providing greater durability in the next few years. Advertising on this shot glass is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. This small glass must be owned by... Read More

  • Large Stemless Wine Glasses

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    Large Stemless Wine Glasses

    These large stemless wine glasses are pineapple-shaped and are ideal for cocktails, wines, sodas and juices. They are the perfect gift for vacations and family gatherings. Every wine lover needs at least one goblet set. If you want to buy cutlery, consider our cups for more... Read More

  • Cocktail Wine Juice Icecream Milk Glass

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    Cocktail Wine Juice Icecream Milk Glass

    These glasses are made of thick durable glass. They are impact and chip resistant. They are great for desserts, cocktail, wine, juice, icecream, milk, pudding or fruits.Their stylish or vintage design adds a decorative touch to your table setting. Read More

  • Small White Wine Cups Crystal Shot Glass Set

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    Small White Wine Cups Crystal Shot Glass Set

    The Small White Wine Cups Crystal Shot Glass Set is made of lead free crystal glass. It is great for drinking Mandala spirits, whiskey and white wine. Read More

  • Colorful Clear Goblet Style Cut Glass Glassware Wine Glasses

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    Colorful Clear Goblet Style Cut Glass Glassware Wine Glasses

    These Goblet Style Cut Glass Glassware Wine Glasses are pineapple shaped. It is ideal for serving cocktails, wine or juices. We have a various kinds of sizes, colors and designs for option. Read More