Ware Glass

We are one of the most professional manufacturers of various crystal cheap ware glass in China. You can feel assured to wholesale the high quality and lead free ware glass for sale from our factory.
Glassware is a familiar packaging container that is popular. With other packaging materials, glassware has the advantages of transparency, chemical stability, low price, beautiful appearance, easy manufacturing, and multiple recycling. Therefore, the glass material has the characteristics that other packaging cannot be replaced..
The glassware we offer is available in a wide variety of shapes and shapes. There are usually forming methods such as free forming, blow molding, press forming, and pressure blow molding. We have continuously summarized and studied the forming methods of glass bottles. We have gained a lot of valuable experience and innovated many new forming methods. Not only have we created exquisite products, but we have also innovatively designed a variety of artificial forming. Special equipment and special equipment for forming have made great contributions to the development of glass bottles.
Glassware has many advantages such as crystal clear, clean and beautiful, good sealing and excellent chemical stability.
It has the advantages of crystal clear, clean and beautiful, good sealing and excellent chemical stability.
It has good barrier properties, can prevent the gas such as oxygen from invading the contents, and can prevent the volatile components of the contents from volatilizing in the atmosphere;
Can be used repeatedly, can reduce costs;
Ability to make color and transparency changes easier;
It is safe and hygienic, has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance and washing resistance.
Since glassware has many advantages, it is a preferred packaging material for many beverages such as beer, fruit tea, and jujube juice.